Monday, December 26, 2011

Paloma's Performance

Our sweet little Paloma also had her night to shine. Her preschool class, once again, hosted friends and family to show off skills and talents. The kids sang songs, recited scripture, and even led the crowd in a round of 'Hokey Pokey.' I bet you are all jealous of me...

Congratulations Miss Paloma. You were beautiful and amazing.

We can't call it a night without a special picture with pappa.

It is sad to think this is the last Christmas performance that Paloma and her best friend Jessie will be performing in together. They will be parting ways next year as both girls head off to Kindergarten. I'm not sure Paloma has quite gotten a grasp on that concept yet. She is pretty attached to Miss Jessie.

Paloma was given the very special role of performing sign language as the children sang Silent Night. She was so nervous and would come home rather anxious about her role. But being the stubborn little girl that she is, she refused to let me help her. But when the time came, she did absolutely fantastic. Good job Paloma. We love you and are so proud of you.

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