Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paloma Vs. Daddy - Round 25,095

Did you really think that Paloma would stop arguing with us simply because it was Christmas Eve? As her parents, we knew better.

Paloma is a strong willed, stubborn little girl. It is her way or the highway.
Now that is good for many different reasons
1) I can't imagine any little boys trying to slip one past Paloma - she will never get taken advantage of. In fact, watch out, she may be the one taking advantage of you!
2) Paloma will most likely never be the victim of bullying by a group of little girls on the playground. She will tell them their behavior is wrong and then properly recite how the "Bible says to not bully." Did you know that the Bible says to "not leave little sisters behind." Yep, it does. She told me so.
3) Paloma will be the one to speak up in class and perhaps correct a teacher on mistaught information. In fact, she already tried to do this with her preschool teacher - last year when she was 3.

But, when you are her parents and she believes that you are wrong every time you open your mouth, it can get a bit annoying. And David's face clearly showed that Christmas Eve. Boy, do we love that little girl though.

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