Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bring on the Bling

I am a bit late on compiling this post - but better late than never right?
This is one that I have been so excited to do but just haven't found the time to sort through all the pics. I think we took a total of 190 pictures that day. It was such an exciting and magical day. We wanted Mattea to feel extra special on her "Golden Birthday." Our first born turned 6 on Feb. 6th. Happy Birthday Miss Mattea.

I decided to throw Mattea a princess tea party this year. And I also made the executive decision to have someone else do all the work - mommy was going to relax and enjoy the fun for once. So at a place called '2 B a Kid' we went. The above pictures are of the girls before all the glitz and glam began.

Quick shot of the girls before the guests arrived. Each little girl was allowed to pick out a fancy dress to be worn throughout the entire party.

Mattea, of course, was the first to get her hair done. The lady did a fantastic job of making the girls' hair look extra spectacular.

While each girl got a chance to get their hair and make up done, the remaining girls worked on a project. The project we chose was making a book. Mattea and Paloma are obsessed with making books these days, so they were allowed to design their very own hard cover book.

Aren't my girls gorgeous?

I couldn't help but capture a side view of Paloma. I thought she looked absolutely adorable that day. I have never been able to manage her hair like this lady did. It was amazing.

Paloma taking her turn getting her nails done. Needless to say she bit the polish off the next day. Oh well.

Quick shot with my beauty before the princess came.

And there she is. Our very own guest appearance with Cinderella. Mattea was so surprised. Cinderella made her way in, greeted the girls and then took them upstairs for games and story time.

Story time....Cinderella story of course.

Capturing Mattea amongst all the excitement.

Then it was back to the party room for "tea and cake."

The girls were served "tea" which was more like a fruit punch concoction with whipped creme and sprinkles on top. It was a big hit.

It went over really well with the birthday girl.

All of the beautiful princesses enjoying an afternoon of tea an fellowship.

There is my darling new 6 year old. My time has flown by....

As the party started to wind down, the clock struck 3 and the pretty dresses, shoes, and accessories started to disappear. But the company of good friends did not.

And that wrapped up an absolutely amazing afternoon. I do hope Mattea will remember how much fun we had. I know I couldn't possibly forget.

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Kim said...

What a special day for the birthday girl! So much fun--getting hair done and nails done and having beautiful princess clothes to wear!k What a cool place! Glad the golden birthday was amazing, Mattea! Hey, I met a nurse the other day whose name was Mattea and I immediately thought of you :-)