Friday, October 15, 2010

Stanley, Lanley

I have gotten a little behind but definitely wanted to take a minute to share a few photos of our "girls only getaway" to Stanley a couple of weeks ago.

We didn't do anything all that spectacular - but to the kids it was an amazing weekend. We stayed in this really old cabin - but to the girls it was a castle. I was a bit unimpressed but they thought it was a hoot. Who was I to rain on their parade.


Daddy was a few miles away hunting and so the girls and I packed up after school and made the drive to the mountains.
The weather was amazing and so cooperative. We played by the water - skipping rocks and swinging in the swing - which was Mattea's favorite.

We drove in to Hailey on Saturday and played in their park, got some coffee, and drove back to Stanley to meet daddy - who took a hiatus from hunting to come visit.

Overall, it was a good getaway. I was away from all the pressures of cooking, housework, yard work, and laundry and could simply enjoy my kids for who and what they were. Although sleep was minimal that weekend - fun was not!

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Kim said...

Looks like a fun and beautiful weekend getaway!