Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Mishaps

Well, we have certainly had some interesting stories to tell around here at our house lately. Because I'm finally getting around to telling them, I'm hoping I haven't lost the details that make each story unique.
To begin......
Last night was a night that was very much anticipated. After being away from the comforts of our own house, own beds, own pillows, etc... the girls and I were definitely looking forward to crawling into bed and falling fast asleep. Dave was too of course since he spent a night in the woods in a tent, a night in the car.... As Dave was turning in and closing off the lights, I remember saying to him "Honey, leave the door open. One of the girls is sure to come in tonight." Call it mother's intuition. He said, "no, they are sleeping soundly in their beds. They'll be asleep until morning."
Wrong! Paloma came trotting into our room around 2 am. "Mommy, mommy. It is dark in here. The stairs are so dark. " Me: "Paloma, yes it is very dark in the house. It is nighttime. You are supposed to be sleeping. Why are you wondering around on the stairs anyways?"
Paloma: "Don't you remember, you told me to feed Mr. Kody?"

Yes - Paloma I did tell you to feed Mr. Kody. I'm glad that you are remembering to do your chores but I did ask you to do that like 6 hours ago, I don't know, when it was dinner time perhaps. Silly girl!

So I tucked her safely back into her bed, told her to feed the dogs in the morning, and crossed my fingers nobody else would awaken before the sun came up.

The other story comes to a few days late as previously mentioned. Allow me to preface the story by saying that it is not uncommon for me to wake up in the morning and find David sleeping in some other portions of the house. I go to bed with him but don't always awaken with him. He had horrible insomnia and wakes up several times throughout the night, migrating to different locations quite frequently. Well, on this particular morning that I woke to the blaring alarm, I remember going to bed with David. I remember cuddling up and saying goodnight. But when I awoke, I was not laying next to David, I was laying next to a little Paloma. As I rushed to shut the alarm off and save her another couple hours of sleep, I realized my back was a bit wet. Not thinking much of it, I grabbed my shirt and realized I was drenched. Since I am certainly not nursing any babies right now, I was baffled at what I could be feeling. Then I realized not only was my shirt wet, so were my pants, the sheets, the comforter, etc.....And then it hit me. I was totally drenched in my daughter's pee. Yes, Paloma had crawled into my bed and peed all over it. And not just wet the bed, she drowned the bed. And me. Trying hard not to be disgusted, I stripped down to just about nothing, ran downstairs to wake David (who by the way was wondering why I was running around naked at 5 am) and then dauntingly woke Paloma up and drug her out of bed. She was so sorry and apologized profusely. (She never wets the bed.) And so it goes....One more story in my ever growing book of mothers tales.

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Kim said...

Poor girl! First she was all frazzled about the poor dog and then the flood of pee! It's so rough being little!