Saturday, October 16, 2010


Oh what a sweet word. Innocence. I remember bringing my girls home from the hospital, looking intently into their eyes and wondering how on earth anything good be so innocent and precious. Unjaded by this world, naive to bitterness and evil around them. Completely and one hundred percent innocent - that is until they turned 2.

Tonight as I bathed the girls, I had one of those AHA moments. You know, the ones where you catch a glimpse of a totally spontaneous moment and it triggers a bigger, more abstract thought process. That was me - tonight - as I gave my two tired little girls a bath.

There were running around completely naked, carefree, as I filled the bathtub. Mattea, at one point, picked up a book and began reading to her sister - in the buff. And then I catch Paloma come streaking through the bathroom, butt naked herself, carrying a purse and wearing high heels. They were so nonchalant, so not aware of their surroundings. They were caught in the moment and didn't care about much else than that. How awesome to have that kind of freedom. How often do we just run around the house naked - carefree - unashamed of ourselves, our bodies, our flaws. And how often do we come streaking through the bathroom naked in high heels?

My kids had no concept of shame. They just simply were being themselves. I'm sure they would have felt slightly different if it were dad instead of me - but not too different. They are pretty comfortable with themselves. They have no reason not to be. They are still innocent. Sure they have their moments of "privacy" but for the most part they are just coasting through life with that short lived sense of innocence. As I stopped for a moment to take the scene in, I was brought back to the innocence that Adam and Eve enjoyed before the Fall. How beautiful to live life carefree and at peace . These days we run through life ashamed, humiliated by either past/present sin or secret lies that we hide away hoping to never have uncovered. We have lost our sense of innocence. But as we are reminded in the Bible, Jesus commands us to be like children. We are to see life through the eyes of a child - which is so hard to do on some days. But when I see my kids laughing and giggling while running through my house naked, talking and reading without a care in the world, I am in a brief instance reminded of their innocence and how quickly it will fade.

It will not be long before the evil of this world sets in and takes hold of my children's minds and of their hearts. Their innocence will be lost - I dread the day when that comes - when they hear inappropriate talk, see inappropriate scenes on TV, or speak inappropriately. My prayer is that God will protect them for as long as possible and keep them innocent for many days to come.

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