Monday, October 4, 2010

Sneak Peak

Here is a brief look at the girls' new room. We decided to bunk them up several months ago in hopes of 1)creating a strong sisterly bond & 2)Paloma would sleep through the night if she knew her sister was in the same room.
Well, we trialed it for several months. Using their old beds, we just finagled a room and stuck them both in it - stripping it of toys and books and creating a "new" toy room upstairs. After the great debate, we decided it was working - both girls were sleeping good and the situation seemed to be working out as we had planned. Praise God!
We then decided to make the bunk bed purchase. Yahoo, the girls love it but mom hates it. Well, I don't really but it is stinkin darn hard changing sheets on a bunk bed - especially for someone who is vertically challenged. Nonetheless, it is working. I'm in the process of converting Mattea's room into Mattea's/Paloma's room. So I'll have a few more pictures in a few weeks but I thought I would sneak a peak in now. Do you like?

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Kim said...

That is so sweet! It's so cute that they WANT to stay together
:-) Bennett sometimes insists on sleeping on the floor next to brother's crib!