Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hula Baby

I'm a bit behind on my blogging unfortunately - but better late than never right?

A couple weeks back, my husband and I threw a Hawaiian Luau for our friends and their children. I was so excited for this party. I have been planning it and detailing it for a year. My goal was to do a grandiose 'end of the summer' party last year, but timing prevented us from doing that. So we made it a priority to get it down this year.

The kids were excited as well ~ especially when the 'inflatable man' came to put up their bounce house for the day.

I tried to literally invite anyone/everyone I knew with kids. The summer schedules unfortunately did not allow everybody to be there (which is bittersweet because I really did get carried away with invites...)

The kids were allowed to swim, socialize, bounce - really whatever kept their heart's desire that day.

A few photos to commemorate the day.

My desire is that my children want to be at home, find it fun to be at home, and generally think home is a safe and exciting place to be. So the more comfort and enjoyment I can provide for my kids than that is the least I can do.

I want to be known as the "fun house." Hopefully I'll be able to continue this theory and practice through the teenage years when my children will probably want to run from my home.

I had a blast and hope everyone else did as well. Now I'm already getting a start on next year.

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Kim said...

Love it! Wish we were closer so we could coming swimming and go "jump, jump" as Bennett would say! He would have LOVED the bouncey house.