Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Think in your mind for one moment of a bright, warm, sunny day. Think about packing up and heading to the park to enjoy the beautiful day God has created. Think about packing snacks, drinks, extra panties (you know for those inadvertent accidents that are still occurring - sigh!). Think about grabbing a bottle of water for yourself, a snack, your cell phone, and the newest edition of Parents magazine. Think about making that last final potty stop (to avoid those inadvertent potty accidents), grabbing a jacket and getting loaded into the vehicle. Think about how much fun your going to have spending the entire afternoon at the park with your babies.

But try not to think about a packed park full of moms and their children who are thinking about the same thing you are. Packed parks don't bother me - mothers who spend more time staring at my bald head than paying attention to their heathen sons who are beating other children with a stick does! Are you kidding me. It is as if they have never seen a person without hair before. Seriously, women. Pull it together and try not to make it so obvious that you are gawking at me. It really is unbecoming.

On the flip side, try to think about the sweet little girl that I teach in Sunday school who we were fortunate enough to see at the park who approached me and said, "you have really short hair." I replied, "yeah, and you have really curly hair." Her response, "yeah." And off she skipped. Didn't bother her any.

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Michelle said...

Ok, I'm about to leave a comment that may have you thinking I'm crazy....

But a couple of weeks ago (late night) I watched America's Next Top Model...(that's where you gasp at my ridiculous choice of "brain candy" as Ken calls them TV shows).

Anyway...there was a model on there who was bald. And no joke, you look more beautiful than her. So tell the other mothers to go fly a kite - because H, YOU are America's next top model mommy in my book - both for your looks and your heart!