Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girls Night Out

Calling all moms.....

Have you checked this place out yet? One word: Fabulous.

Daddy's plane was supposed to fly in this afternoon but not much to our surprise - it didn't. I'm not sure who was more upset, me or the girls. Since I hadn't planned anything to do (I thought we'd do nothing but hang with pappa tonight), my first response was to panic. Silly - but I like to have a game plan.

Without a second thought, I called this new little salon in town that specializes in children. After a brief description of their services, I decided tonight was officially "girls night."

Told the girls to change their shirts, wash the chocolate and finger paint off their faces, and jump into the car for a spa night and dinner with mommy.

The girls were each treated to a manicure followed by a haircut and fancy hairstyle.

The finishing touch - glitter. Fancy shmancy hair glitter.

Feeling absolutely like a princess, I took them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant - Souper Salad! It was a lovely evening except that I was running low on patience at the end and so everyone went to bed in tears ~ but I'm truthful in saying the rest of the evening was fun. Mattea thanked me for a nice night as she shoveled in salad and cornbread. She loves her curls and of course Paloma is loving her braids.

Check this place out moms - it is truly a great experience.


Sara said...

Wow that sounds like a very fun girls night! I can't wait until Sadie is a little bigger and we can do fun things like that together!

Kim said...

Mattea's hair looks beautiful! What an awesome place! It looks and sounds like a great girl's date. These are the times that make we wish I had a little girl . . . but no thanks!