Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Waving Goodbye To Wisconsin

On the eve of our last night in the cheese state, my girls are quietly sleeping in their beds after a long day of play with their grandparents and cousins, I am about to crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a caramel apple from the good old apple capital, and my sister is probably suffering from a major case of new parent exhaustion. Sounds like a fun bunch huh? Today, we had an eventful day of play - play with grandma and grandpa, play with cousin Bennett at park enjoying the awesome weather this state is having, and play with my friend Merranda and her 3 kids. My babies are sleeping like angels right now. They are exhausted and overwhelmed and quite frankly so am I. It will be nice to get back out our normal home routine - although it has been a nice deviation.

We will board the plane back to the west tomorrow - here's hoping for safe travels and quiet kids. See you back in the homeland.

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Kim said...

Despite the chaos of 4 kids, we are sad you are gone! Bennett is looking to play with mom and dad more now that cousins have left! Glad you made it home safely and I hope to blog soon!!