Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hello blog friends,
A bit out of touch lately - yes, but not for long. I'm hoping the next week brings many wonderful memories, stories, and pictures to blog about. What is going on you ask? Well, the girls and I are boarding a plane tomorrow morning and headed back to the Midwest for a week long visit with family.

My sister's little boy was born a few weeks ago and we are all dying to meet him. Not to mention grandparent visits, great-grandparent visits, friend visits, Rocky Rococo visits, etc....

After painting 30 fingernails & 30 toenails, packing at least 20 sweaters, 21 pairs of pants, endless amounts of underpants, and a large Ziploc bag full of bows, ribbons, headbands, hairspray etc, my girls and I are ready to make the way back. Wow is it a bit much when traveling with 3 females. Yikes. But, since you are being charged for the bag you might as well pack it as tight as it possibly will go without busting the zipper right?

Updates to come I'm sure. As for now, after 2.5 hours of sleep last night due to a long night on the unit, this momma is headed to bed in hopes of waking refreshed and cheerful as I begin my long day of traveling. Nothing like spending an entire day in dirty, unhealthy, stinky airports with two curious children who touch EVERYTHING. Not to mention airport food, airport staff, airport monitors, airport television, yada yada yada!

Welcome me back Wisconsin. Hoping to catch a Brett Favre sighting. Oh wait, that's right, he can be found in Minnesota these days. Not to worry, I'll be traveling there too.

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