Monday, November 16, 2009

Steal Of A Deal

Sooooo - I am not a fan of Walmart (for multiple reasons) but I happened to be frequenting there on my latest trip back to Wisc. The girls were requesting Bucky Badgers Blankets to take with them no the plane. After hearing Walmart had a good selection, I went in and browsed - stumbling upon the Halloween Clearance aisle. Not being a fan, I'm sure your wondering why? I like to shop?????

Anyways, I stumbled across a few costumes marked down to the very low price of - - $1.00. The girls are always looking for things to stuff into their dress up trunk and mommy scored them some bargains. I bought 3 outfits - a pink cowgirl, super girl, and a flapper outfit for just over $3.00.

Now my girls think they are all that - and to be truthful, I'd have to agree!

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Kim said...

WI was glad to help out, even if it was at Walmart--yuck--I just went there today. Every time I walk in, I repeat "I hate this store." The girls look adorable! Good picks :-) I found some more "cheap" deals in my basement for Mattea--can't wait until she gets them!