Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reliving Denver - Part 2

Since David was consumed with his conference in Denver, the girls and I spent the day cruising around together looking for fun things to do. We chose the aquarium and the Children's museum. Aquarium pics to follow soon, but both girls seemed to really enjoy the Children's museum. We were running short on time so they only got about an hour to play, but they utilized every single minute of that hour. Here are some of the pics to prove it....

The firetruck was a huge hit. They loved playing dress up and calling 911. Paloma thought it was so stinkin funny to pull the rope that initiated the siren inside of the truck. Over and over again, she pulled that rope. My head was throbbing a bit after that.

After the fire station, we moved on to shopping. Both of my girls love to go pretend shopping and both love being the check out lady. Since it was later in the day, we had basically the entire run of the place. So they could shop till they dropped. I had fun being the "checkout lady" while they enjoyed pushing their carts shopping for tofu and chicken.

The closest I came to an oven all week.

The cutest little bunny that I have ever seen.

Took me awhile to figure out what Paloma was dressed as but finally I caught on - she's an ant. Can't you tell.

We had a fabulous time and can't wait to hit up the Children's museum in LaCrosse when we head home this winter.

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