Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mattea Moments

Today, in preparation for a scrapbook layout I'm working on, I asked Mattea a few questions. With absolutely no prompting from me, these are the answers I got. Thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy

I love: my sister, my dad, my mom, and me, and my puppies like Kody and Cora, my aunt & uncle and two cousins, my aunt's dad, grandma and grandpa and I love when we go to Disney, Colorado and camping. That's it.

I wonder:
that I want to be a nurse when I grow up and check moms - like parents and sick kids and people who broke their legs and I want to check babies

I hope: that I'll get a girl and a boy and my boys going to be named Brennan. I hope I'll do a spaceship room for Brennan and princess room for Erin.

I wish: for a Merry Christmas and 'My friend Rabbit' movie. I wish I get one princess thing to keep headbands in and high heels, and a baby computer.

I don't like: a green room, when the sun gets in my eyes, chicken, yucky chicken, tomatoes, onions, and 1 more thing but I forgot.

Favorite food: grilled cheese, lettuce and spinach to make me strong.

Favorite color:
pink and purple

Thoughts on God:
thought that we have to pray for everything. I think in my head and then I pray to God.

Is there a heaven?:
when you die and you get old and when you are a grandma.

What's in heaven?: Jesus and God in heaven, and a park and I think there's swings but I've never been there. maybe a slide. that's it.

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Kim said...

Kids are certainly more insightful than we think! I love that she already has a career and her kids' names picked out!!!! You better start keeping a list of her Christmas wish list. She definitely has a very creative mind!