Monday, September 7, 2009

Reliving Denver - Part 1

Well, I have all of about 15 min. before I need to jump in the shower and begin preparing for our "anniversary date," but thought I would try and get a post or two in of our travels last week. I have soooooo many pics to post that I just thought I would break it up into several posts. So, if you aren't that interested in what we did and what we saw while we were away last week, hang tight, new material will come next week.

Now onto Denver.....

Truly - it's all about friends - right?

I sure think so and that is why I considered this trip to be such a blessing. We were able to connect with two very good sets of friends that we haven't had the chance of seeing in years. One happened to be a good friend of mine and the other a very good friend of Dave's. Yeah!

I began working with Dena back in New Mexico when we both had finished up nursing school and took on our very first nursing job in Labor and Delivery. What a flippin nightmare that job was but looking back - it makes for some really good stories to reminisce over while pounding a bottle of wine. Yikes. Our kids hung out a lot before we both decided to leave New Mexico. In fact, Mattea and her youngest daughter Kayleigh were supposed to be born on the same day - coincidental?

Anyways. We were excited at the opportunity to hang out and even spend the night. The kids played, the adults talked. It was great. Good friends are hard to come by and we were very sad to say good bye again to this great set. Thanks again for opening your home and let our family bust right on in. We love you!

The following evening we traveled to Firestone to visit Dave's old friend Curt and his family - who since the last time we have seen them added two kids to their family. Issac and Mattea were hilarious and played so well with each other. Not being able to spend a lot of time with them was a bummer but it certainly was nice to catch up and hear about their lives and the changes that have occurred since our last encounter. They have a lovely family whom we'd love to get to know more - it is just that distance thing.

We miss you guys and hope that we will be able to rendezvous again soon....

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