Sunday, January 8, 2012

St. Baldricks

Hey Readers...
In March 2010 - I shaved my head in an effort to raise money for pediatric cancer research. I loved participating in the event and would do it again in a heartbeat - if my children wouldn't have such a strong opinion. I am by far jealous of my coworkers who are going through it though - some for the second and third time. Talk about sacrifice.
Going bald was a life changing experience. It changed the way I looked at people, not to mention the way people looked at me. I definitely believe it is one of the best things I have done with my life - and it was stinkin fun. If you want to shave serious time off your morning routine - shave your head. If you want to save money on your salon bill each year - shave your head. If you want to save money on expensive hair products - shave your head. But - do it during the summer. Shaving your head in March is still a very cold experience.
But nonetheless.....Since I am not participating this year, I would encourage you to support those that are. Please take a look at the links below and consider donating to a very worthwhile cause. The children affected will benefit. Let these girls sacrifice their hair if you sacrifice your dollars.


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