Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Matty Moo Moo

Hi my names is Mattea. I was named after Matthew - my mommy's favorite book of the Bible. My name means 'gift of God' and my mommy and daddy remind me daily that I am just that.
I am currently 6 years old but have a birthday coming up shortly. I'm really looking forward to turning 7. Currently, I am in first grade. I love my school, although I was a bit nervous to start there in September. I didn't know a single soul in my class but have definitely gotten to know quite a few friends since then. I'm a pretty friendly girl and talk to just about anyone (sometimes I talk too much).
Did you know that I get to be a cheerleader soon? That's right, Upward Cheerleading starts this Thursday. I am so excited that I'm counting down the days. I'll be on a squad with my sister and many of my closest friends. I can't wait. I also started the cooking club at school this week. Whew, it has been a busy week! I think I'll like cooking club. I'm always willing to help out and measure in the kitchen with mom - except I'm a bit messy. I really need to work on that. Even the simplest tasks like pouring some milk winds up in a pretty big mess. Hey - have you seen the movie 'Ramona and Beezus?' My mom says I remind her a lot of Ramona. Apparently I'm a little flighty and spacey sometimes but my mommy reminds me that I have a heart of gold - and that's all that matters.
As you can see by my picture above, I'm missing quite a few teeth. I love to smile and my mom actually makes me smile more these days because my two front teeth are missing. Mom thinks it is 'absolutely adorable' but I am kind of sick of it actually. I would really love to eat corn on the cob like a normal person.
I have a younger sister whom I love dearly - except for recently. She is "annoying." She really drives me nuts sometimes. She is always copying me and she tattles a lot on me. I yell at her to stop but I don't' think she notices me or sometimes she sticks her fingers in her ears and says she's ignoring me. That's always nice. I love having a sister though. She is a pretty fun girl to play with.
Well, that's kind of me in a nutshell. I enjoy school but I have to be honest and say I miss the playtime I had at home. School is rough and it took me a long time to adjust - but I like it and my friends and can't wait to officially call myself a 2nd grader. So long for now.....

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Julie said...

Hi! I know this might come as a wired thing, but I love you're blog!!!!! keep up the good work!