Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I love hearing those words - MOM. Except of course when you are trying to make dinner and you hear MOM, MOM, MAMA, MAAAAAMAAAAA, MOM with an ever increasing tone and urgency in your children's voice. Then the word "mom" is just annoying. Just being honest.

Well last night I was awakened to that ever so sweet 'mom' from my youngest Paloma at around 3 am. To be exact, it was "mom, my tummy hurts." Darn it, there goes my chance at a good night sleep once again. Ok, well I trudge out of bed, lay with her in her room, rub her belly and get some nice cold water. Thinking all was good, I made an attempt to meander back to bed. But first, I head downstairs for some water myself. That is when I hear "MOM" with a great urgency. The kind of urgency where you "just know" you need to respond. If you have been a mother for awhile, you know there are those mom calls that you can ignore and those mom calls that you take off sprinting too. Well, this was a drop everything, sprint to the child kind of call. As I rounded the corner to head upstairs, I see my little miss at the top of the stairs, on her knees, puking everywhere. If that didn't bring back memories. Remember this is my child who puked her first year of life. My poor baby was miserable. And that is when I heard that faint little pathetic "mama, I don't feel so well."

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