Monday, March 28, 2011

Kickin' Off Spring Break

Well, our family is officially on Spring Break.
No more early mornings, no more homework - it is nothing but relaxing for a week.

I have an entire week of fun and activities planned for the girls and I. Since our weather won't be nice until the end of the week, we have indoor activities planned for the beginning portion of our vacation.

Saturday night started with a good old hockey game. Dave got free tickets to the game from work so we decided - why not?

The girls loved it - loved the excitement and the food the best. They enjoyed so many snacks. We did that in part so Dave and I could watch the second half of the game in peace. The girls started talking too much so we decided we could gain a few minutes to concentrate on the game if we loaded them up with dippin dots and popcorn. It bought us about 10 min.

Girl shot!

Even at 10 pm, they still had quite a bit of energy. Here's to the beginning of a great week....
Stay tuned, we are getting ready to embark on our next adventure soon.

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Kim said...

Fun! What a cool experience! Glad they liked it. And yes, going to events like that are much more successful with lots of snacks :-)