Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Call Her Brilliant

So my little Paloma has always been a rather "passive" learner. Fighting me every time I pulled out flashcards or a letter book, she seems to rather pick up on learning through other means. I remember one time even believing she was "slow" because she REFUSED to learn. But to our surprise, she is not slow but rather - ummmm - brilliant. No not really. But her preschool teachers have mentioned they expect so much more out of her because she is "so smart" and "so advanced." Yikes. She will read sentences in Mattea's book that Mattea struggles with. She will recite her sister's Bible verses and even finish Mattea's math homework. No joke. The other day as I was working "actively" with Mattea, Paloma was "passively" doing her homework. I gave her a dry erase board and told her to LEARN. She sat down and wrote all of her numbers from 1-10. Just prior to that she wrote the entire alphabet. I have never sat down and worked with her on writing. I just give her a book. If I tried to guide her the way I did with Mattea, she would throw the pencil down in protest. So, I guess we will stick with what works. Not too bad huh?

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Kim said...

Awesome! Another fun way to work on letter and number is to use WikiStix--they are kind of like pipe cleaners without the fuzzy stuff. My kids at school loved making words with them!