Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Baby Turns 4

Well, as much as I look forward to ringing in the New Year each year, I am always a bit saddened as well. It not only means the ending of year but the fresh new beginning of another. It also means that my sweet baby girl - Paloma - turns 1 year older. This year, my sweet child turned 4.

What a bright and funny little girl she has blossomed into. She has come such a long way in these past few years. Her dad and I are very proud of her. Currently, she is enrolled in preschool at the Children's Academy. It was a rough start but I think now she is loving it. She has made a very special friend named Jessie, whom she absolutely adores. She loves her teachers - Mrs. Mayer and Miss Barbara. She loves the learning and the craft time. She has begun writing her name, sounding our words from her sister's reading books, and memorizing scripture.

This year's celebration including recovering from an extended stay in San Francisco's airport, a very special breakfast, lots of presents, and a movie with the family.

Paloma is a very lucky little girl and is surrounded by people who love and adore her. She received so many presents from family that she is not quite sure who or what to begin playing with first. So far, she is loving all over her new American Girl Doll - Kirsten, and coloring all of the crafts she got from Grandma T. Since she informed us that she wanted to start reading, we purchased her the Leap From Tag system which she is enjoying as well. Paloma will celebrate her birthday with all of her friends this upcoming Friday (which of course there will be pictures to follow.)

Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are such a blessing and a joy. You keep your daddy and I on our toes. You challenge us, defy us, and even hit us (as was the case last night when she thought she was giving me a love pat but rather ended up giving me a left hook.) You fill our days with laughter and joy and we simply can't imagine life without you. You entered our lives with a bang and quite frankly child, you haven't stopped making that sweet music. We are in awe of your beauty (and of course those cute little curls you have.) God's miracle is before us. We love you to pieces and wish you the best in the upcoming year. Many kisses.
Love, Mom & Dad

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Kim said...

Wow! I can't believe that was four years ago already! She is too cute and Bennett reminds me of her when he says, "ah, sure." Happy birthday, Paloma!!