Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Well, as promised, a few pictures of Paloma's big day. Or should I say big week, or perhaps big month. Man, it seems as if we have been celebrating P's birthday for the last month. As you all may know, she is my New Years Eve baby. And because we were gone for Christmas, we literally celebrated Christmas and her "real birthday" within a 24 hour period. Then she celebrated at school with her class in which she got some fancy shmancy cupcakes. Then, 4 days later she celebrates with friends at her birthday party. I'm thinking I'll adapt her methods next year and have a week long celebration.
Nonetheless, it was fun. We decided to invite a few friends over to the community center and make stuffed animals. I had found a woman at a community event this summer that comes to your home and literally has a "build a bear" party similar to that at the Build a Bear store. I decided to try her out and allow Paloma and all her little friends to pick out, stuff, and name their own animal.

But before all the fun festivities could occur, we enjoyed lunch and cupcakes.

Let the stuffing begin.....

The girls were all given a star in which they made a wish and stuffed in their animals. Then the adults helped seal them up.

A group shot of the girls and their animals. How sweet are they?

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Kim said...

What a cool idea! I bet all the kids had a blast and what a memorable experience for all! Kudos on a great party idea!!!