Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Have A Winner

Uncle Mike.....
You are the lucky winner of the "What Coated My Refrigerator" blog contest. I bet you are feeling like one lucky man right now.
And technically you didn't win BUT... your guess was the closest - so by default, I named you the lucky winner.

The mysterious contents coating my refrigerator was my $40 bottle of liquid vitamins. Dave and I began taking Mona Vie about 2 months ago and have felt a ton better since starting. Although a bit pricey, we are hooked. Easy to stomach, we do our traditional shot together in the morning and feel better throughout the day. And since it looks like wine and sits in my wine rack, I decided Uncle Mike's guess of wine was the closest guess.
We determined that when placing the bottle upright in the refrigerator, the bottom literally just fell out leaving acai berry spilling out everywhere. Wasn't pretty but my poor husband helped and we got the majority of it cleaned before too much staining occurred.

So thanks all for joining in. Mike - I'll be mailing you wonderful gift out soon. Be patient with me as I thought the gift would go to a mom or the very least a female, so we are in the process of altering it. I do follow through though.

Have a blessed week.


Kim said...

Thank goodness it WASN'T the wine :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved to hear that I wasn't completely correct.