Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh No - Is it Monday again? Indeed it is, which means.....

Here's hoping you all had a great week last week. I know I did. In fact, let me share with you all the details of my week.

1) I absolutely did not take the children out for lunch 3 days in a row. Being the good and diligent mom that I am, I would have been prepared for all of the outings we took and organized my time better so that the children were not out playing/running errands/etc right around lunchtime when I had nothing but a few suckers in our bag. Who has the money for lunch with two kids (whom actually eat a lot)3 days in a row - Not Me.

2)I certainly was not awakened by my youngest daughter at 3 AM who we believe his having bad dreams. I did not scoop up my sweet girl and rock her until we both fell asleep for an hour in the rocking chair. I most certainly did not awaken, look down, and completely treasure that moment we had together at 3:00 in the morning. I value sleep way too much for that - Not Me.

3)Being the OCD, overachieving, ultra organized, ADD mother that I am, there is no way that I would even think of laying down for a nap for two afternoons in a row while my two young toddlers were dozing away to dreamland. There is so much to do and not enough time to do it - taking a nap would most certainly put me "behind schedule." Ugh - Not ME.

4)I did not inhale a King Size candy bar that I begged my husband to buy me on an impromptu trip to the store. And if I would have eaten that ridiculous size candy bar, I would have taken longer than 4.25 seconds to do it, AND I would not be blogging about it. Ha - Not Me.

5) I did not - I repeat - did not start packing a wooden spoon in my "diaper bag" this week. I obviously have a tight reign over my kids, and simply asking them to obey is enough for me. I would never have to resort to the ole wooden spoon. Oh no folks - Not Me.

6)And finally, there is no way that I would ever pass down Mattea's underpants to Paloma under any condition. I don't care if Mattea had outgrown her 30 pairs of perfectly good underpants and Paloma only had 4 in her drawer. I can understand and appreciate the concept of sharing - but some things are off limits. No way would you find this conservative mom doing anything of the sort - Not Me.

Blessings to all this week.....


Anonymous said...

If the wooden spoon stops working, you can upgrade to the wooden ruler. That always did the trick.


Kim said...

Oh, Heather! Another eventful and crazy week in your household. You never fail to entertain me :-)