Monday, February 11, 2008

All Smiles

I have been waiting for a picture like this for such a long time. The day is here. For the last two days, Paloma has not stopped smiling and giggling. Why is that a big deal?? Because it has seemed like she has spent the last 13 months of her life crying, screaming, pouting, and frowning. My poor baby has had just a miserable start to life - mainly due to the fact that I don't believe she has really felt good from the day she was born. Dave and I can recall 2 months of her life where she has not been sick. As we are frantically trying to solve the mystery though, one of my biggest prayers has been answered - at least for the last 48 hours. I have always prayed for the health and happiness of my children. I think both are extremely important. As always my prayer has been answered. I am constantly reminded that my God is watching out over me and my kids even though at times it may not appear that way. He has been holding on to Paloma in the palm of His hand and I now believe this is her fresh start. I became extremely frustrated Fri. night and completely through up my hands in desperation. On Sat, it had seemed instead of getting better, my baby girl was again starting to feel worse. On Sun, our family awoke to a whole new girl. She hasn't stopped laughing, giggling, smiling, and acting like she feels great. These have probably been the best two days that I have spent with my daughter since the day she was born.

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