Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wondeful Words to Ponder

I looked at the older woman and wondered what it meant.
Do we tell with our body about the life we have spent?

The wrinkles on her face, the posture of her back.
The fingers softly bent, the joy in her laugh.

I'd seen other faces marked with a frown and scorn.
Their presence seemed quite harsh, their spirit very worn.

But in this woman was a beauty, despite the evidence of time.
Peace in her cloudy eyes and laughter behind her laugh lines.

She had a grace about her, though her body was now slow.
For she had learned the joy of being, and in her heart she knows.

She spent her life in celebration, choosing joy to be found
In whatever life gave her she stood on His solid ground.

Lord, may the markings on my body be like hers in some way
That I loved and laughed and gave and celebrated every single day.

Lisa TerKeurst
Am I Messing Up My Kids?

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