Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Whole New Me

For those of you who may not know my background, let me fill you in. I grew up going to a Lutheran Church when I was younger but was deficient in all things God. I learned the Lord's Prayer, I learned about Noah and the Ark, and I learned about sin, but during that time, someone failed to tell me about Jesus.

Nobody really told me about the remarkable sacrifice that was made for me nor how incredibly special I was. They forgot to tell me that Jesus was my friend or perhaps how I need to call upon Him during times of trial.

It wasn't until high school that a friend of mine took me aside and explained the "big" picture to me. Aha! I felt like the light had been turned on. I was 16 at the time. I made a commitment at that time to live my life in a whole new way. I would live it for Christ. I would follow the 10 commandments, speak wholesome words, and deny all things bad for me. Yep, I was going to do it and I did - for about 6 months. Then the fleshly "fun" life I had had before seemed much more appealing. I started college and lived with a group of wonderful Christian girls that provided me with good examples but still I was having much more fun sinning day in and day out. Whether it was my thoughts, my words, or my actions, I was not representing Christ in a good way. Many knew I had made my commitment to Christ yet my lifestyle didn't reflect it.

Skip ahead a few years to a situation in which brought me to my knees. Not really wanting to elaborate on it now, I decided at that very moment, my life would change. It had to. I had no other choice. I could no longer continue on the path that I was currently walking. I once again surrendered my life to Christ and the rest is history.

Fast forward 17 years, there was a life changing event that happened in my life and that of my husband. At that moment it hit us - life is unpredictable. Life is short. Life is not promised tomorrow morning. We decided it was time to get our act together, set an example for our children, and become baptized as commanded by God. It was an amazing and life changing weekend for me and I know it hit Dave hard as well. Dave's testimony is a bit different than mine but simply his story to tell. I hope that one day he will become more open about it - but for now, this is my side of things. My children have inquired about baptism, bragged to their friends about it, and practiced baptizing their baby dolls in the bathtub. God is working miracles - and the work He started will continue. Oh happy day!

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