Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Adventure

Happy Mothers Day to all my mommy friends reading. I love Mothers Day! This year turned out to be a cold, rainy, overcast day - but we didn't let that spoil the mood. I woke yesterday morning, got myself and the girls ready for church, and then sat back and let Dave take us on an orchestrated Mother's Day adventure.
Great photo op! After church, the girls and I were quickly whisked away to a great Mother's Day brunch. The girls ate enormous amount of food - I ate enormous amounts of dessert. It is all fat free on Mother's Day right?
After that, we jumped into the car and headed out of town for a drive. Neither myself or the kids knew where we were going. All I knew is we had plenty of bottled water and a few bags packed in the car. Didn't know what was in the bags but Dave had informed me to pack a change of clothes.
We ended up about an hour out of town at the hot springs. They have built a pool around the natural occurring hot springs and so the family spent the afternoon swimming in some amazingly warm, natural water.
Of course, the girls will never pass up an opportunity to go swimming. They had a blast, we had a blast, and we all worked off some much needed energy. Dave had taken care of everything, packed the girls' swimming suits, towels, change of clothes, shower goodies. He had even packed my swimming suit - not just 1 but 3. When I asked why he packed 3 he said "I wasn't sure what kind of day it would be" (in code for meaning bloated vs. not bloated / 1 piece vs. 2 piece) What a thoughtful gentleman. It was home for peanut butter sandwiches and off to U Swirl for ice cream. What an amazing day. A huge thanks to my family for making my day extra special. I love you guys very much.

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