Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Morning Fun

Don't' my girls look amazing in the morning?? Put aside the bedhead and concentrate on the lovely smiles of my two darlings the morning of Easter. They came downstairs and proclaimed that Jesus had risen! Yahoo! And then..... they spotted their baskets.

They were so excited. There is no Easter Bunny at our house. We keep the Easter celebration strictly for Jesus. But the girls no that although a big old bunny doesn't come hopping through their house, they won't get left out of the fun of Easter baskets. Mommy and Daddy know how to deliver.

When I asked Paloma what she wanted for Easter, she replied "a big chocolate bunny." That's all she wanted. The sad thing is she got maybe two bites of her bunny and her daddy "nibbled" on the rest. When she discovered the eaten bunny a couple of days ago, she was devastated and erupted into tears. After calling her daddy to let him know how disappointed she was in him, he replaced her bunny with a mega size chocolate bar. She was less than impressed.

Hello. What is an Easter basket without undies? Yes, we are practical in these parts of the woods. Mattea was delighted with her gift though because they had 'peace signs' on them. Apparently that is the new thing.

Hope everyone had a great Easter and celebrated the glorious resurrection of Christ.

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