Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thoughts Of A Busy Mother

If I can't find time to wash the floor
Who will remember or care?
If I don't patch the hole in their blue jeans,
They can wear another pair.

The dust can sit right where it is,
For tomorrow there will be more.
If the day is too short to bake a cake,
I can always run to the store.

But if I forget to wipe a tear
Or to kiss an inured knee,
To cheer a frown, turn it upside down
Until they're chuckling with glee;

If I would fail to stop and chat
When their tales are filled with woe,
To listen for unspoken words
That only sad eyes show;

If I missed a chance to see the world
Through their precious eyes...
A dandelion, a crawly bug,
A rainbow in the sky...

Then I've missed a chance to share the day
With one I hold most dear;
For God was knocking at my heart
And I was too busy to hear.

(Thank you Mrs. Gardner. I really needed this!)

1 comment:

Kim said...

What a great reminder! I certainly have slacked in the cleaning department these days, but I just find better things to do with my boys!