Sunday, September 11, 2011

And the baby is launched....

The day finally came. After waiting 3 weeks after her sister started school, Paloma's big day finally came.
She was so excited to be starting preschool this year. She missed her friends, she missed learning, and most of all she missed not being like her big sister. After watching Mattea head off to school each morning, Paloma wanted the very same thing.

Paloma picked out her entire outfit and even did her own hair that morning. My sweet baby is growing up - snuffle. But the independence is kind of nice (I will admit.)
Daddy was there for the big even on Sept 7th (which happened to also be our 9th wedding anniversary - Love you babe~)

She practically ran into her classroom to sit down begin her big day. She was gracious enough to pose for a couple of pictures and then it was time for me to leave - because she was obviously done with her dad and I. She has an amazing teacher and a godly staff who will watch over her and teach her God's word. We are grateful and look forward to another amazing year at the Children's Academy.
Love you Honey!!!

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