Friday, August 26, 2011

We Are All Still Standing

Well, the day has come. My little Mattea grew up before my eyes (I promise, I only blinked for a minute) and on August 18th, we found ourselves getting her ready for the first day of 1st grade. We are blessed enough to have gotten her into a private Christian school and although I felt confident she was going to be in a safe and loving environment, I was beyond nervous about dropping her off in the care of others for more hours in a day than I would be with her.

She was more than excited to go, but of course as her mother, I was not. Selfish huh? Well, as much as I tried to deny it, the day had arrived. Mattea and I had done some school shopping, got a new haircut, received a manicure/pedicure, and packed a lunch and so at approximately 8 am on that Thursday morning, the entire family walked Miss Mattea into school. Because she had not gone to school there for Kindergarten, she didn't know a single soul but was warmly welcomed by a very loving and affectionate teacher - whom Matty took to right away.

Mattea found her desk and began unpacking her "goods." Of course her sister wasn't that far behind, intrigued at everything that was happening. All the children and their parents seemed so nice - making sure to include introductions early. I do hope to get to know some of these great ladies better as the school year progresses.

And as the 1st week came to a close, we had feelings of happiness, frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelmingness. Not just from Mattea - but from me as well. It has definitely been an adjustment sending one child off to school all day. Although I was nervous about it at first, I will totally admit that I'm having a blast hanging out with Paloma 1 on 1. She is such a fun and zany little girl - I have a lot to learn from her. So here is a toast to the new school year. May God use my little girl to how He sees fit and may I remain standing by the time the year is complete.

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