Sunday, April 24, 2011

Got Milk?

Well, we have been one busy family lately. If it hasn't been school, swimming, traveling, etc it has been a fun filled trip with friends to none other than the dairy farm. You heard it right - Mattea's class was fortunate enough to visit a dairy farm. And Paloma and I were lucky enough to accompany her. In the above picture, they met up with Mattea's best friend Ella and they walked excitedly into the barn.

Here are the ladies hard at work. Kind of brings back memories from the old nursing/pumping days huh? I remember plenty of times feeling like a cow up for milking....

She was all smiles.

Catching a photo with a newborn calf.

Mattea's kindergarten class. It is so sad to think that the year with these kids is almost over and we will working our way to 1st grade. My how time flies...

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