Sunday, November 28, 2010

Date Night With Daddy

A few weeks back, David had suggested taking the girls for an overnight outing to one of the local hotels and spending some concentrated time with our daughters.
-He had some points saved up from travel and was able to book a night for free. The girls were ecstatic to pack an overnight bag and head off for dinner and swimming with their daddy - no mommies allowed.

After work, David picked up his two anxious daughters and headed off to dinner. Then he checked into their room and headed - of course - to the pool. I received text and picture updates through it all. And then after being away from the girls for about 2 hours, I headed over to the hotel to check out the fun. They were swimming, enjoying home baked cookies, and loving all over their daddy.

I consider myself one lucky lady to have such an amazing husband and father who is willing to invest his daughter's lives. I try hard not to take him or his commitment to our family for granted. I know our girls will remember this night for many years to come.

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