Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gymnastics Fun

Mattea had such a fun day at gymnastics today. To begin, her skills are improving which is making it much more fun to participate. She also got to finally learn some skills on the bar. She was so excited and asked her teacher all through class if she could "swing." She learned the "tuck" and the "straddle". Her "bridge" is also getting much better, and she learned how to do a backwards roll. I was so proud of her as I watched. She looked like she was really enjoying herself.


MerrandaVK said...

AWESOME slideshow. Looks like so much fun. Ethny would LOVE LOVE a class like that. I can't wait until we can do gymnastics.

Aunt Kim said...

I'm so excited to see that Mattea is enjoying gymnastics! It will be fun to see if she sticks with it as she gets older--if she does, I think I get some of the credit for her talents :-)